Great Tastes Straight from Poland

Enjoy down-to-Earth Polish food at our next event throughout New Jersey and New York. We offer authentic European food made from fresh and local ingredients to create the same dishes we enjoyed as children growing up in Poland. Treat your guests to fresh Polish food with our catering services.

Fresh and Local, Every Time

Choose something for lunch or dinner that isn't run of the mill. Once you put down the fast food and try a fresh, homemade Polish meal, you'll never want to go back to mass-produced burgers and fries. Each order we take is cooked to order, using fresh ingredients from local suppliers. Best of all, with our affordable menu prices, you're able to enjoy authentic, local Polish food without paying a fortune at sit-down restaurants.

Wide Range of Menu Options

If you've never tried freshly made European food and aren't sure what to order, try one of our popular items or get a Polish platter featuring a bit of everything. We offer a variety of menu items, but our tried-and-true favorite dishes include: 

Polish Platter- Consist of Pierogies, Kielbasa, Sauerkraut, and Stuffed Cabbage
- Large Dumplings Filled with Fresh Potatoes and Cheese, Topped with Onions, and/or smoked Applewood bacon

Stuffed Cabbage - Leaves of Cabbage Cooked and Stuff with Meat and Rice
Polish Kielbasa Sandwich - a Sausage Seasoned and Cooked in the Polish Fashion, Topped with Homemade Sauerkraut
Sauerkraut - a Staple of Polish Cuisine; Chopped and Pickled Cabbage
Sausage Skewer - Tasty Grilled Kielbasa

Popular Beverages

We carry a range of bottled beverages to accompany your meal. These beverages include Coke™, Diet Coke™, iced sweet lemon tea, and Poland™ Spring Water.